Forrest Scenes

Beautiful Light

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all my viewers, for the support of my site and my galleries.

The photos that get the most attention, is also one of the ways i visualize my inner self, actually is a photo of a forest scene the first i made a photo of, back in 1985 at photo teaching at school, where i for the first time in my life held a camera in my hand, it was a Zenith SLR, and all students got 10 BNW rolled up and sent out and capture some photos, my first shot was directly into some birch trees where a small stream runs through.

Almost summer in Denmark and i look forward to get out there and catch more of them.

Crazy Light

Stacked Art


Colorful Bokeh

Beautiful Skies

I'm associated with a media, doing some freelance projects from time to time, and concert,  album cover photography for 2 bands.

But you are allways welcome to contact me, if you want to buy digital copies of my photos, or if you have any question or suggestions.

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